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Jamaica Society Manchester


Celebrating Jamaica’s Independence

One of the most well known activities of the Society, used to promote Jamaican culture and support the Jamaican community, is our annual Independence Dinner and Dance. This is a formal occasion held each year in August at different locations in Greater Manchester.

Jamaica Society Manchester Visiting and Support Group

We visit the sick, bereaved and lonely. If you know of someone who could do with a visit contact: joyjamsoc@yahoo.co.uk Jamaica Manchester Society C/o West Indian Centre Carmoor, Road Longsight, Manchester M13 ODY

Jamaica Society Young Achievers Award

The inaugural Jamaica Society Young Achievers Award presentation was made at the Society’s Dinner and Dance function to celebrate Jamaica’s 38Th year of independence, Saturday 19, August 2000. It is now becoming something of a tradition. The main aim of this award is to give public recognition to the young individuals of African Caribbean descent in Greater Manchester communities who are making significant impact on the black the community by acting as positive role models, especially where they have overcome major hurdles to achieve their goals. Awardees were also selected on the basis of outstanding educational results and those who have taken the initiative to support community work.

Promoting Health Awareness in the Community

The Jamaica Society Manchester has worked with other local community organizations to promote health awareness relating to topics such as heart diseases, strokes and diabetes.

Supporting Charities in Jamaica

Over the years the society has been keen to develop close working relationships with various institutions in Jamaica through exchange of information and making donations in different forms. We have worked with: the National Children Home, Diabetic Centre, Voluntary Association for the Upliftment of Children (VOUCH) and presently arranging assistance for a young Jamaican in need. Watch this space for more on that.

Working with the Jamaican High Commissioner

The Jamaica Society is actively involved in various activities with the office of the Jamaican High Commissioner, London in hosting a number of community activities in Manchester. We also work with them to assist Jamaicans in a range of matters to ensure that the welfare of Jamaicans in United Kingdom is addressed.